Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome Nieves, Charlie and Jack !

These gentlemen are all committed to riding in the Official Lone Star State Challenge, but they've also contacted me about joining us on our little Coast to the Coast.

So far, Nieves sounds pretty sure he's joining us as we pass Ft Hood. I haven't heard back from the other two after their initial contact, though. I hope I didn't scare anyone off.

All three of these guys have expressed concern about not having equipment to carry camping gear with them on the ride, so it's getting more important that we know if we'll definitely have Mad Duck along and willing to carry what baggage can't go on the bikes.


Bernie said...

Truman, if you will guarantee I'll get them back, I'd be willing to loan some bike baggage (rack bags, panniers, etc). Just in case MD doesn't come through.

Truman said...

Wow! Thanks, Bernie. That's huge.

We'll see how things shape up and let you know.