Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starting Point: VFW Post 10429, Benbrook.

These guys are outstanding. They offered us anything we need without hesitation within 5 minutes of me walking in and ordering a beer.

Post Commander Joe Wolfe will meet us Saturday morning. There's locked, fenced parking for personal vehicles. He'll also be on call to let us in Sunday night to recover our rides. Or we can take our own lock and lock our lock to his lock, so we can let ourselves out, and take ours with us when we go.

We just have to stop in some 1st or 3rd Saturday night for Steak Night and tell some stories from the road. They showed me the 16 oz NY Strip - I think I can manage that.


peace said...

Small town, big city....isn't it great how people can respond! Good score!

Tate said...

Supurb, and that cust a lot of traffic...Yea ha.

Tate said...

Is that the one at >
1000 Stevens Dr, Benbrook, TX
(817) 249-6470‎

David "Truman" Hill said...

Aye, this is it:

We can roll out to 377 for the short trip South to 1187, or we can cut through the park. I prefer the 377 route. There's still one stretch of almost no shoulder to deal with on 377, but Jack Compton's dad is carrying his gear in the car to Meridian till Clarence catches up with us. I'm hoping he'll run interference for us on that section.

TXPeddler said...

Yeah, most folks give my jeep plenty of room when they see it wobbling down the road (6" lift w/ 33x12.5 tires). I'm sure pop will not have a problem running interferrence for us.