Friday, February 22, 2008

Decisions from Lunch:

Topics were:

  1. Start date - the daily mileage we're looking at is pretty beefy. Do we want to start on Saturday the 8th and give ourselves an extra riding day - or start at noon and give ourselves an extra half day? Or do we tear it up as planned?
  2. On-Bike signage for advertising the Soldier Ride while we're on the road. Any progress on this?
  3. Gear sharing schemes.
  4. Protocol for people who may drop out of the tour.
  5. Getting back home. Can someone truck my bike back if I fly home?
  6. Maps/Navigation and route planning. Satisfactory?
  7. Open floor for discussion.

What we decided:

1. START DATE - We are departing from the general vicinity of NAS Ft Worth on SATURDAY, March 8th at around 9 am.

We plan to make Meridian State Park our first night's goal. It's 80-odd miles, so pray for a tailwind. It will make the subsequent days much less brutal to give ourselves the extra day's ride. Our pace will be dead slow.

Since we just decided today to leave on Sat. we do NOT know for sure that Mad Duck can/will accompany us on Day One. If they cannot, we will break Jack's necessary gear down and carry it among the rest of us, until Mad Duck Catches up with us, on Sunday.

2. Signage - Steve is looking into signs with a contact I have in McKinney. We should be good to go there.

3. Gear Sharing - Some people are lending gear, but nobody seems to be splitting loads for tentage and such. No problems here.

4. Drops - We don't intend to make Mad Duck to carry any passenger for more than a half day. It's agreed that while no one will be left alone on the roadside, neither does our schedule permit long delays while someone makes unexpected arrangements. If someone cannot continue, it's on each rider to have arrangements in place to get wherever they need to go next, whether that be home, to San Antonio, or Corpus.

5. Return - Rental of a minivan to move people and bikes home, departing Corpus early on Sunday the 16, seems to be the best plan to get back. If occupancy is a problem, I can likely fly home if my bike can travel in the minivan. IN this event, I would certainly kick in for the rental.

*Note* I had not noticed the U Haul sponsorship connection, till Jack pointed it out in email. That may be worth examining further if minivan rental appears to be a problem.

6. Route - I remembered coming back from lunch that the Trinity Trail runs directly from the East Gate of NAS Ft Worth, to Bryant Irvin Road, South of Interstate 20. If we like, we don't even have to *see* any city traffic till we're almost out of it. The Panther City tour boys said they had trouble riding on 377, so I'm considering alternatives. More on this later.

Taking the TT would knock a couple miles off the other route, and avoid a metric buttload of traffic and stops.

Did I leave anything out?


peace said...

Another question or two from me....I noticed that the community can sign up to ride 25 or 40 mile route in Corpus...I am assuming, if we are planning to ride in that we should sign up (fee, form, etc).

Do we know yet the times of events in SA or Beeville ..Mission ride start or route/time in Beeville. Only asking as some locals who cannot make the entire ride are planning to disperse themselves in the different locations for support and honoring....

Local tour club member is contacting club membership about route through SA and possible "leaders" through town. Any ideas the date of arrival to SA...and I do recall it will be via 281.

Truman said...

Lari, what Woody told me - verbatim - is: "We usually arrive at the starting location at 9 am then ride at 10 am. For us it's an easy 25 miles then we go back to the hotel and get ready for dinner.

Still waiting on location for start in Beeville but will probably be Veteran's Park. Same time frame.

Ride in Corpus begins at 12 noon on Saturday so as not to conflict with the triathlon on the am."

Riding the 'official ride' in CC:
Woody has generously offered to host us for the Corpus Christi ride for free. I still intend to drop some sort of additional donation on them, but I won't really know how much till I get there and see how much of my emergency funds I had to spend.

As far as I know, we'll take 281 into town sometime the afternoon or evening before the SA ride. Currently, we're planning to bunk that night in the same hotel as the Soldier Ride org.

Depending on the Mission Trail route for the official ride-we may not complete that one. It's a long haul to Beeville that day, and we will probably drop off whenever the route gets closest to Highway 181.

For the locals
I think the schedule we'd LIKE to be on, has us camping in Blanco State Park the last night before we get to SA.

Due to the vagaries of timing in riding bikes that far - can we agree that we'll call you or some designated person when we get to Blanco to confirm our schedule?

peace said...

I think looking for a call the night before the SA ride is okay with me. I will send cell phone via an email, so you can call. My SAG dad and I will roll into SA in enough time to meet up with you all, introductions, etc and an opportunity to off load any heavier items you all would like to remove from your BOB's, so as to lighten your load to Beeville. He will be in Beeville when the last rider gets there.

Speaking of sending cell numbers, perhaps that's something else to tally prior to hitting the road...a phone list of each person and one emergency contact. That way we can keep in touch with each other on the road (if need be.) I know we are responsible for ourselves if we drop out, however, having a number to call for each other isn't a bad idea, just in case. My Road ID has that info, but I don't know if each of us has one. (not trying to be negative, just prepared).
That's it for now.