Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lone Star Challenge Jerseys

Hey guys, I was looking at the LoneStar Challenge page (linked from our humble blog). I see a pretty cool jersey being worn by most of the guys. Any chance there's a place we can buy a couple of those to help support the cause? Or are those limited to the soldiers only?


Anonymous said...

We have some available at HQ in Jacksonville. They are club cut. Please let me know quantity and sizes and I will check. We are at the end of our '07-08 tour jerseys and our new ones will be ready for the ride in DC in April.

Woody Groton

Truman said...

"Club cut" means "sized for a normal-shaped human", not some scrawny, racerboi thing, right?

I'll be wanting one (1) XL jersey.

Tate said...

I need and XL and a Med. How much, and where do we send the funds.

Oh and thanks for keeping up Woody.

Truman said...

Folks, if you'll list what you want here in this comment thread, I'll compile it and get the list to Woody so he doesn't have to keep watching.

If you DON'T want a jersey, please say so as well, so we're not waiting on you to put in the order.

Just a thought, but if we can pay for and pick up the jerseys in San Antonio, we wouldn't have to carry them.

barlows said...

I'm thinking I would need a Large in club cut, but I don't have any jerseys to compare to. I'd hate to get something way too small. I guess I need to go by one of the bike shops and try one on. So count me in for one, and I'll know the size soon.

Anonymous said...

Just email me the final list. It will be easier for me to give them to you in San Antonio but if you want I can send them earlier.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to add. Club cut is standard American sizing not the ultra tight euro sizing that is referred to as race cut.


peace said...

Regarding the jersey...I'd be in for an XL.
How much and who to?
Thanks, Lari

c_m_shooter said...

I'll need a large.

barlows said...

I'll go for a Large as well.