Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The friendly cats over at Panther City Bicycles...

Are going to be covering a bit of the same ground next week, as we are next month. Hopefully, Bernie, Chris and Bryan will stop in and share what they've learned on their weeklong trip to Enchanted Rock which starts tomorrow.

They give us a little room on their blog, here

Bernie, you sure you're carrying enough stuff for a whole week?

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Bernie said...

Yeah, I had enough stuff for a week... the two most useless things I carried were a 2nd camera (only used one), and my foldable wood-burning stove (every damn county had a burn ban in place. Should've checked that).

Next time, I'll probably lose the laptop too, and just get an awesome phone, like Chris had.

Other than that, the most weight I had was the tools & spares I carried, but I'd carry 'em again. No way we were getting stuck on the road. I could done anything short of a headset swap roadside, and we probably could have done that too after a visit to a hardware store.

My biggest piece of advice to you dudes is this: if you're carrying all your own stuff, 80 miles average per day is a lofty goal. That'll mean getting up early, and being on the road all day. When we shortened our itinerary and had time at each campsite, the trip became a lot more fun.

Plus, one day with a 30mph headwind and hills will pretty much kill your morale, as we learned on day 1.

If you guys want to get together sometime and discuss logistics, I'd be game and I'm sure Chris and Bryan would too.