Saturday, February 16, 2008

Packing List

Well here is what I have, I am sure I missed something, or have too much of something else. Comment more than welcome

1 BOB trailer Get extra clips
1 Chain Oil Measure a small quantity sufficient only for trip duration
1 cleat set
1 Crescent wrench Small
1 Cycling Helmet
1 handle bar light extra batteries AA
1 Helmet cam get extra SD cards and batteries
1 helmet light Get charger
1 Locking cable Lightweight, just to act as a deterrent with combo lock
1 Multi knife small
1 Puncture kit Patches and glue levers CO2
1 Rag For general wiping1 pump
1 trunk bag repack
2 Rear panniers Small
2 Spare tubes
2 water bottles
10 Bungies Small and big
20 Cable Ties To tie various parts in bike box
1 flash light extra batteries AAA and AA
1 sleeping bag PAD??
1 tent
2 Misc bags
2 towel small
4 Large plastic bags To waterproof rear panniers
1 bathing suit
1 Evening shoes Light sneakers
1 Fanny pack To carry wallets in the evening
1 sweatshirt
2 shirts- 1 Short sleeves 1 long sleeve
2 socks
2 Underwear
1 Cycling gloves regular
1 Cycling gloves Warm
1 Cycling shoes With SPD clipless pedals - comfortable to walk on
1 Cycling tights W/O pad
1 Lime Green shell For visibility and light rain


Truman said...

Looks like you've got a lot of weight tied up in lights and batteries.

Other than my rear blinkie, the only light I'm bringing is a Petzl Tikka headlight. It's bright enough to ride by, and usable around camp after dark. On low power, which is plenty bright enough to read by, 1t's advertised to last 150 hours.

Tate, you bringing anything to cook with?

Truman said...

I also decided to bring a pump OR CO2, not both. I chose the trusty road morph.

Tate said...

I don't have cooking stuff, I was planing on not cooking. I'll have some food but was hoping to stop and eat>>>>THOUGHTS?

Crdean1 said...

I have a small camping stove for which you can get some mini canisters of fuel, you can also use the same fuel with my mini lantern. You guys can borrow these if you like.

Crdean1 said...

Edit: and the stove is auto ignite, which is nice. Also have some titanium small pots (all this is for lightweight backpacking), and you are welcome to those too.

Truman said...

I picked up some little lightweight pots and pans for camp.

Tate, I figure main meals will be eaten in stores and restaurants, but I wanted to be able to startor end the day with a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee anyway.

I've got a little solid-fuel Esbit stove that weighs nothing and a bunch of GI heat tabs to burn in it. We could all use it, but I'm afraid we'd spend the whole morning cooking when we should be pedaling.

Since you're hauling for you and your dad, you might consider taking crdean up on his offer of the stove and cookware. Those things are nice

Tate said...

crdean, lets hook up I'll borrow the stove if it's cool.

I think I'll drop a few lights too. just don't want to get caught on the road at night. However the days are getting longer so we should be OK, but March is known for Fog too??

Crdean1 said...

Tate, sounds good. I'll pm you my cell and email on Bike Forums. I am flexible. Work in Fort Worth and am in Dallas on Thursdays. I also have a mini lantern that is also auto ignite. Would you guys want that too?


barlows said...

On the light issue: I've got a LED homebuilt headlight with LiIon power. It puts out something in the neighborhood of 600 lumens for 10-ish hours and doesn't weigh much. So if you're inclined to let me lead the way if we night ride, I'll be happy to do it.

Tate said...

I am realy hoping to avoid night riding, but you never know....We'll see what happens..