Monday, February 18, 2008

My Packing List

is here - please pick it apart. I'm trying to get it all into two panniers and a bar bag.

Coast to the Coast Packing list

If it's not highlighted, I don't have it yet.

I'll add "whiskey flask" to the next iteration.


barlows said...

I think we have a chance to share some of the load here. For instance, you have combo chain lock as "to buy". I already have one, and it will fit around a tree and a few bikes. On the other hand, I don't have a folding spare tire, which is also a great idea. No sense all of us carrying all of the required gear, unless we just want to.

But yes, you will need to carry your own whiskey flask.. ;^)

Tate said...

Agreed we don't all need a pump, and we have a sag for some tools etc if its that bad.

Truman said...

I considered that, but I also thought:

A. I doubt we will always be within sight of each other. I expect we'll form subgroups, based on speed and meet up periodically thru the day.

B. The time it would take for Clarence to get to us - 1/2 hour to an hour - is prime riding time that would be better spent riding if possible.

I like the idea of load-sharing, but I temper that with the strong desire to not get caught needing something that's on another bike 5 miles up the road.

I'll gladly help anyone who needs my theoretical extra tire, but I don't ride to work without my pump - damn sure not gonna ride to Corpus without it.

Probably shared items need to be things we'll need at times when we're all together.

Truman said...

Also, I found a cheesy little combo lock/chain that weighs maybe 8 oz., so I'll probably bring that in any case.

barlows said...

In that case, since whiskey has been added, I think it's a good list. ;^)

Gaijin said...

I would suggest adding "eye drops" to your kit. It'll help keep your peepers from drying out and could be used to help wash out debris.