Tuesday, February 26, 2008

MapMyRide GPS Courses

Gents, here are links to the latest GPS courses for each day. I only plotted days 1 through 5, as the others I think we'll play by ear. I downloaded these into my Garmin 305 and they seem to be solid.

Day 1 - Fort Worth to Meridian
Day 2 - Meridian to Copperas Cove
Day 3 - Copperas Cove to Marble Falls
Day 4 - Marble Falls to Blanco
Day 5 - Blanco to San Antonio

I didn't make any changes to day 1, but I didn't figure we needed to be that exact after all. I can update it if needed later.


Truman said...

As far as I'm concerned, if we're making good time and we want to cruise thru Cleburne to pimp the ride, that Day One route is good. If traffic is crap and we're hitting a headwind, we can shave a few miles of it.

Tate said...

Day 1 looks good

max: 1058ft
min: 560ft
ascent: 950ft
descent: 525ft

peace said...

Hey you all, I asked some of my local riding buds to inquire about routes to SA from Blanco as I was concerned about you all traveling 281. The areas I know seemed pretty rough....here's the information I received from their contacts with cyclists in SA.....
"Last time I road on 281 north of town it had a wide shoulder but hat was a few years ago and it may have been turned into a lane for traffic. .A good web site for San Antonio routes is http://sarider.fhuddles.info/ "
- Chris

"I am not sure that I would use 281 at all, especially as it nears SA. Little or no shoulder, horrendous traffic and glass/crap on the sides. Camp Bullis and possibly Canyon Lake then need to be circumvented, depending on which route you take.

I guess I would go:

Blanco > 1623 > Crabapple (one steep but short hill) > Kendalia (store) > Edge Falls (or 3351) > Bergheim (store) > 3351 > Ammann > Blanco > south into SA.

There are dozens of ways into SA. I think the simplest using the route above is just to stick with Blanco and avoid getting over-complicated. It is, however, a primary artery. I assume we are talking about fairly experienced riders; none of this is really for beginners.

Then I guess I would go Jackson Keller to and thru' the Olmos Basin (do not use Hildebrand to get across the basin … its one of the few truly bearly-rideable roads in the city) and through Alamo Heights/Terrill Hills over to Harry Wurzbach & Fort Sam."

If you want further info from them, I can email them for more specifics. Just thought you might want to look these things up.

barlows said...

Here's a link to a route based on William's comments: LINKY. Any chance you could pass this on to him to double-check it? This way adds something like 18 miles distance, but that was a short day anyway. So if it's a nicer (and safer) ride, I'm sure we're all for it.

Thanks again for looking out for us.

peace said...

I emailed William this morning and he's already sent this reply to the route from Blanco to SA

"Looks OK but I would modifiy the in-town bit a little.

Blanco (S) > Jackson Keller (SE) > McCullough (S) > Basse (E) > Jones Maltsberger (S) > Alamo Heights Blvd (E) > Greeley (S) > Patterson > Terrill > Harry Wurzbach

Let me know how they get on.


Nice to have help in all kinds of ways. What a community!

David "Truman" Hill said...

That's good stuff. An early start could get us into SA before traffic heats up.

I found additional relevant route info from a recent tour on crazyguyonabike, HERE

peace said...

Hey folks..more feedback from William the guy from SA who has been providing feedback re: route into SA.

"Not sure that Bulverde Road goes all the way thru'. Either way, that southern part around Stone Oak and Evans Road is to be avoided. It has major construction going on and is a cyclists' nightmare.

Also just as an fyi, if your riders would be thinking of detouring over towards 3009 and Garden Ridge (and I cannot imagine why they would), there is an asinine, neo-fascist ordnance passed by Garden Ridge some years ago. It limits the number of cyclists to ten who might ride together without an $80 parade permit. Go figure !!!!!!


That parade route info is something else isn't it?

TXPeddler said...

You know, we might be able to have SAPD provide a unit to esscort us to BAMC. Just a thought.

barlows said...

Okay, I've finally updated the Day 5 ride with William's latest comments. Thanks again for the help William.

Day 5 - Blanco to San Antonio