Monday, February 25, 2008

Rough Schedule from DFW to San Antone

Folks, so here are the rough mileages we are undertaking each day:

Day 1 to Meridian - 81 mi
Day 2 to Copperas Cove - 74 mi
Day 3 to Marble Falls - 55 mi
Day 4 to Blanco - 44 mi
Day 5 to San Antonio - 48 mi

Days 1, 2 and 5 I'd almost swear to the miles, but days 3 and 4 could be 2 or 3 more as I didn't go over them as closely.

I've made campsite reservations for Meridian and Blanco (8th and 11th respectively). I reserved one site for each of those days. We will likely need a 2nd spot at each of these places, depending on our final count.

I haven't made any hotel reservations as of this point, but we should be thinking about that as well.


Truman said...

That's what I'm talking about, thanks Steve.

Is that following the route posted in the link at right? I think I'm gonna break that down into individual day maps for easier reference. Your mileage breakdown will help with that.

barlows said...

Yeah, that's following your original MapMyRide route. I just broke it into days and forced it to follow the roads to get some extra accuracy.

I've got the original day 1-4 routes broken out on MapMyRide as well. I'll post the links up so it doesn't have to be done again.

Truman said...


As far as reservations go - Woody has us listed with the soldiers in San Antonio. I don't know what hotel it is, yet, but I'm reasonably certain is will be economical and we should get the same room discount they do, as well.

Corpus, I dunno. I have some relatives there that could conceivably offer or find some or all of us lodging for Friday night.

I'll explore that this week.

Saturday, maybe the relatives again...? Or just a cheap joint, but those can be pretty sketchy in town, there.