Thursday, February 21, 2008

That's lunch, people...!

The second and last Roll Aid steering luncheon and meeting will take place Friday Feb 22 at 12:00 noon at Weinberger's Delicatessen.

The address is 601 S. Main St. in Grapevine. It's in the little historic downtown district on the South end. Parking is on the street and around back.

Topics will include:
  1. Start date - the daily mileage we're looking at is pretty beefy. Do we want to start on Saturday the 8th and give ourselves an extra riding day - or start at noon and give ourselves an extra half day? Or do we tear it up as planned?

  2. On-Bike signage for advertising the Soldier Ride while we're on the road. Any progress on this?

  3. Gear sharing schemes.

  4. Protocol for people who may drop out of the tour.

  5. Getting back home. Can someone truck my bike back if I fly home?

  6. Maps/Navigation and route planning. Satisfactory?

  7. Open floor for discussion.

Please post your own discussion points in the 'Comments' section of this post.


Truman said...

Oh, and I printed out a couple of "Buy one sammich and two drinks, get a second sammich for free" coupons. Hit me up before you get in line.

Anonymous said...

Get me your address and I can send some Soldier Ride stickers.

peace said...

Hello all..I won't be able to make it to the lunch meeting...commute from Kerrville to Grapevine for lunch is a little long for me. I'm Lari Aycock (sister of a Marine, daughter/grand daughter of Army dad/granddad). I contacted Wounded Warrior Project many moons ago and was diverted to David Hill and have been watching the development from afar. My plan is to join your journey from SA to CC. As of today, seems two others in my local bike group are thinking seriously about joining this bandwagon. My dad is driving SAG for us. I'm trying to gather info about local routes and places to rest your weary heads. Let me know if there is something I can help with from this end of the line, I'd be happy to. I am with you all noon tomorrow in spirit.
Peace, Lari

Truman said...

Ha Lari, good to see you. Thanks for doing the legwork to find us lodging and grub on the SA-CC leg.

Crdean1 said...

I'll be there.