Monday, February 25, 2008

Beeville Accomodations

As I said before, Lari Aycock will be joining us for the SA to CC legs of the trip. She's got her father driving SAG for her and may be bringing along a couple other riders to fill out the ranks heading down 181.

I asked her to look around and see about camping accommodations, since we're motelling in SA and likely in CC as well.

This, gentlemen , is how that's done:

(Quote) "I pursued the Hilltop Mobile Home Ranch information I had received and this morning talked to Priscilla Stewart. She tells me the Ranch was for self-contained units (although I told her each of you were self-contained) she meant more that the code is no camping because there are no restrooms.the place is definitely for RV'ers.

However, as she was looking up some numbers in the phone book for me (don't you love small town niceness?) she asked why we were coming, what we were doing etc. By the end of the conversation, she says the group is welcome to the pasture area near the fishing pond. It is definitely "roughing it", but there is a toilet and a water faucet. There is electricity as well.

She says dove hunters come every year and camp out just fine. She was concerned that it is really just a plot of land with a fishing pond and a toilet, and wanted to reiterate that it was definitely the "pack everything in" type of thing. I told her it was about 10 people. She seemed fine with it. I asked about costs and she said "$1.00 per person and it can be waived until next year, if you plan on doing this again".

She then started looking up numbers in the phone book for the newspaper and asked that we contact some folks there to get the word out. ... Speak to either Mr. Latchum. Tell them she (Priscilla Stewart) asked you to call (she went to school with them) the paper is the Beeville Picayune 361-358-2550.

The fishing pond is ½ mile off of the 181 bypass. She said she'd be willing to bring the truck to meet the group and haul the bikes in. I told her I would get back to her in a week or so about whether we'd be there, narrow down the number and details. When I asked why she was sticking her neck out like that to strangers she said, "it's the right thing to do".(/Quote)


barlows said...

Wow, that is awesome!! Gotta love small towns!!

Tate said...

Superb, thanks this is great. And if it has a bathroom and electricity it's not really roughing it.

David "Truman" Hill said...

"Roughing it" can be done anywhere - even in a motel room.

It depends only on climactic extremes and the density of animals of any order who can eat you, suck your blood or carry off your food.

peace said...

uh...did I mention that she said it's called "roughing it" when you are fending off the skunks. No offense to you guys cause I haven't met you yet, but I told her, by day 6, it was the skunks who might need to be afraid.