Thursday, March 6, 2008

Say, "Map!" Say, "Map!"

Do you guys want copies of paper maps? I have several pretty granular books of Texas maps. I intend to scan the salient pages for routing changes on the fly. I know some of you are rocking the Garmins, but let me know before tonight if you want some paper backup.

I remember a smart guy telling me once, "If your GPS gets shot, you have a paperweight. If your map gets shot, you have a map with a hole in it."


Tate said...

I am prinitng them off google maps and plan to carry them,

barlows said...

I wouldn't turn down a copy to throw in the handlebar bag. Can never be too sure where you are.

David "Truman" Hill said...


When I had Google maps printed out to navigate by a few weeks ago, I found that if I printed them zoomed in enough to see the itty-bitty farm roads, then they were too focused to help me if I detoured off my route by a mile or so.

David "Truman" Hill said...

Okay, well, I scanned a couple of the more important sections for you Steve, but it seems that a lot of the route we're taking is 'in the crack' of both of the better map books I wanted to use.

It is by no means a complete route, just a couple pages to flesh other information out, maybe.