Monday, March 17, 2008

All over but the pictures...

Roll Aid '08 is now behind us. Along the way we lost a few riders, picked up a few more and made some friends that I hope will be lifelong.

We'll be updating this blog with some of the better pics - I took almost two hundred, but it sure didn't make me any better a photographer than I was when I left.

The pics of the guys you see cranking handcycles - those don't belong to them, they're loaners from the Wounded Warrior Project. My understanding is that these guys stationed down at Brooke Army Medical Center don't have a handbike to ride or train on. I know of a nice one for sale in Ft Worth. My plan is to get a rock bottom price the owner will take for it and then raise money to buy it and take it down and give it to the guys at BAMC, or to the BAMC PT department if it has to go that way.

I hope Joe from Joe's Pro Bikes in San Antonio will be willing to do the maintenance that'll be required when Joe Dirt slams it into another Grand Am.

Pics forthcoming when I get them up at a host.

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Gaijin said...

Congratulations Dave and everyone who made this great event possible.

My hat's off to all of you.