Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Days 4 and 5

Day 4 from Marble Falls to Blanco was a good day 48 miles not too many hills, but we did about 8 miles of gravel roads. At one point we were in-between to high fence areas, everyone thought it was right out of Jurassic park. We did see several different types of animals and even some wild turkeys. We crossed at least 8 cattle cards and one stream, where Steve took a wet fall. In Blanco Charlie, recommended eating at a small diner about a mile from our motel called the bluebonnet Cafe, he wanted liver and onions.......Anyway we walked in the exit only door and caught heck from the wait staff, all in jest of course. The food was great, but the pies were even better, During our dinner we talked with 2 of the waitresses who both had kids either in Iraq or going. So as we are leaving they gave us 8 free pieces of pie and a bunch or rolls and cornbread....Truman in his usual wit proclaimed "he would go in the back door any time for free pie."

Day 5 was another long day 73 miles. Good riding, more great south Texas views. About 30 miles in Steve had proclaimed for at least the 10th time that should be the end of our climbing we round a corner to see one of the longest steepest hills yet. Per the Gamin a 16% grade, but we all made it to the top. After a long catch your breath stop we got to reap the reward of a 35+ mph down hill, almost to the bottom I noticed that the back of my bike felt strange, so I stopped to find a low rear tire. I filled it back up, knowing I had slim and should be fine but when I spun the tire it rubbed the fender???? After closer inspection we found a bulge in the tread, strangest thing any of us had seen. So we pulled the tire off my dad’s bike and replaced mine and off we rode. Just before we came into SA we hit a rode about 3 miles long that we kept a better than 22 mph roll great rollers with a mostly down hill run. Then after about 10 miles of climbing we hit the SA city limits, what a great feeling. The 1st thing we saw was a highway adoption sign from Bicycle Heaven.....Then we hit an 8 mile long bicycle lane where we kept a 20 mile pace through SA. Once we passed that we took back roads to get to the BAMC through the some beautiful houses.

At the hotel we meet the WWP and meet several of the heroes. These guys are amazing, there heart and minds are incredible, to see the wounds and hear their stories it breath taking. What they have given, and several are still on active duty with incredible wounds is truly aw inspiring. They are the reason we are bringing their cause to light. Go look at, look at the photos and read their stories. Hearing them 1st hand is even more amazing. We are all looking forward to riding with them starting tomorrow,

Sorry for the wanderings, spelling and grammar errors, I am tired, sore and well just want to get it out there. I am also having issues uploading photos....They will get up there, I promise.


Crdean1 said...

You made it! Thanks for the update. Here's to the next leg.


Richard said...

Hey there Tate, just catching up on the adventure. Say Hi to Steve for me... thought I didn't see the yellow beast outside my window this week !

Richard W.