Monday, March 10, 2008

3 down miles to go

Well we made it to Marble Falls in about 5.5 hours 57 miles. Light rain most of the day, but actualy the best riding day yet. No wind and NO CHIPSEAL!!!. Charlie joined us today, a real Wounded Warrior. We made good time even taking our time. County road 200 from Cooperas Cove to Burnet was a real small, and smooth for the most part. There were a few 100 yard gaps that was dirt/mud, but no issues. Stopped in Burnet at Storms for a good meal of greasy burgers, and onion rings...good fuel for a cool wet day. The back road, Mormon Hills rd, from Burnet to Marble Falls was a great road mostly down hill, a few short STEEP climbs but nothing too tough. Steve took a fall at a creek crossing, green slime on the bottom and 700X23 don't do well in that condition. We also had 4 cattle crossing and all but Cliff walked them, he was young and brave and rode across them. About 1/2 way we came across the sign in the attached photo, we had to stop and get a shot. There were a lot more great shots but we think this one says it all. You can see all the shots from the below link


peace said...

Hey guys...weirdest thing....I mentioned that on Saturday, I was going to take my long ride as part of the Spurs and Spokes fundraising event. Well, the event started at a ranch in Liberty Hill and criss crossed the roads between Marble Falls and Burnett. I saw that sign! Rode right up to it. I kept thinking what a beautiful day I was having to ride (70's/sunny) and remembering what I read you weather to be and wished that you would have better. Fancy that we've traveled the same road to get to a similar place. Literally and figuratively.
happy trails!

Crdean1 said...

Way to go guys, what a great day! I am enjoying looking at all the great pictures.