Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheers to Richardson Bike Mart

And props to Barlows for finding a way of educating the owner on what Soldier Ride is all about at last Saturday's club ride. (It was the buttkicking WWP Jersey that got his attention, wasn't it?)

RBM has apparently donated the sum of $500 to WWP/Soldier Ride. Thanks, guys!

So, Barlows - was this your first club ride, then? How'd it go?


Crdean1 said...

That's where I bought my bike, shoes, etc. Excellent people!!!

Thanks for posting.

They don't publicize it much, but they do a lot for charity (Armstrong foundation, etc.) Awesome people, Jim Hoyt and his wife.

David "Truman" Hill said...

Knowing how often they must be getting hit up throw money at every bike-involved charity or local ride in a huge market, it means a little more to me that they didn't have to be asked for this one.

barlows said...

Yeah, Jim was definitely cool about it. The subject actually came up by him mentioning my clip-on fenders, as it was a wet morning. I said something like "Well they passed the 500 mile test a couple weeks ago", and it went from there. Jim's an old soldier, so stuff like this is close to his heart.

I've bought a couple bikes there too, and this act of kindness will probably keep me going back.

Oh, and I liked the club ride thing. I think I'll try to make it a somewhat regular thing.

barlows said...

Almost forgot: It was the Richardson location, not that it matters.