Sunday, March 9, 2008

And They're Off...

The guys should be approaching Copperas Cove by now, if they haven't already arrived. We are praying for their safety and a good night's rest. I have not been able to communicate with them by phone, but I have received one picture as posted above. I will update throughout the week as I am able to receive updates. Let's keep cheering them on!
Edit: The guys have arrived safely to Copperas Cove, yet they have lost two individuals due to the terrain and mileage. The first day was tough at 95 miles, and today's 77 miles included a 20 mph headwind. Needless to say, they have made it to the Howard Johnson Hotel for some much needed rest. The guys would also like to express their thanks to Charlie Hunt, who will be providing SAG Support for the remainder of the ride. Charlie will replace Mad Duck, who was originally going to fill that role. With this change, the guys will have a chance to sleep in tomorrow before riding the 55 miles to Marble Falls.
A couple of highlights: Good send-off from the VFW in Benbrook (these guys have been great), a top notch breakfast in Meridian with a friendly wait staff, and a good mexican food lunch at the halfway point. The little things make a big difference.
Tate is posting pictures on his photobucket site along the route, and his link for the Roll Aid ride is:


Tate said...

We are in Copperas cove. Mines 2.5 Ray and Jack droped 1st day. My Dad made it 50 miles today then my great siter's inlawws came to our rescue. Dad will now be saging in my tuck. Photos will be at my photo bucket

Anonymous said...

Looking good! Hang in there guys, should be warm in San Antonio.

God Speed!
Woody Groton
Wounded Warrior Project Soldier Ride

peace said...

Pics are really something! You guys are doing great considering terrain, wind, baggage!
I've been forwarding the photo's and the progress to folks and the support builds. Checks to Wounded Warrior, requests for blogspot address to follow. As Woody said, San Antonio and southward expected to be warmer.
Looking forward to meeting you all....already inspired by your travels!
peace and tailwinds..