Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sun n Ski steps up some more

I chatted with Stephen, the bike manager at Sun n Ski, over by Grapevine Mills at lunchtime.

He volunteered that he could get those of us who are going to Corpus at least 20% off what gear we may need to get the ride done.

He said this as I had a tiny Thermarest Prolite 3 in my hand, which reminded me that some of the stuff I'd like to get together for this and future trips is NOT necessarily biking gear. I told him I thought we'd probably have some takers on his offer and I"d be in touch.

1 comment:

barlows said...

That's cool, I'll have to stop by there some time.

It might be too late now, but did we ever decide if we wanted to put together a jersey for this?