Tuesday, January 15, 2008

flippin' joints...

So the knee gave me no trouble yesterday or the day before. I took that as a sign to get back to my bike commute, so I won't hold the herd back on the Soldier Ride.

"How'd that work out for ya, Tru...?"

Well, it was great for about 3 miles, it was annoying for another mile after that, and it got pretty ugly in the mile after that. I decided to abort the commute and not make the climb over the bluffs into downtown Fort Worth. Even so, I had a nice 5-1/2 mile ride home with a pissed-off knee.

I got back to the house well after the time I normally leave for work, rushed to change, went out to get in the car and saw it had a flat. Fixed the flat, which allowed me to rub a nice streak of dirt on my pants, went back and changed again, and finally made it to work.

If it wasn't for the knee thing, it'd actually be pretty funny. Besides, if you HAVE to get a flat tire, it's nice when it happens in your own driveway.


Crdean1 said...

My knees are always a problem, not sure what is causing it. I need to visit the doc for further study. Sorry to hear about the knees!

barlows said...

Man, that stinks! Knees are always a concern, especially this time of year when it's cold. Sorry to hear about that.

Truman said...

It's an overuse thing, not an actual injury. I did a century in the wind a week ago without ramping up properly after some weeks of little riding. It got ugly then. It's on me to make sure the inflammation is gone before getting going again.

I'm going to stay off another week, with a ton of stretching and see how it goes from there.