Monday, January 7, 2008

Okay - did anyone notice it was windy yesterday? Geeze. The 40-odd miles South from my house to Cleburne State Park was brutal. We didn't quite follow the route I linked below - we diverted into Cleburne proper for Whataburgers, then had to navigate back toward our original route to get back on my maps.

Neat part: After endless buffeting, suddenly finding myself gliding along in utter stillness. I could converse in normal tones with Mike, 10 feet away because, at 21mph, we were going the exact speed of the wind.

Ginked up my left knee though. The last 40 miles was not good in that regard. For a short time after I got home, it wouldn't take any weight at all, leaving me stranded in the hallway of my house. I had almost the exact same thing at the Tour D'Italia, but in my other knee and not as bad. That took a few weeks to clear up.

At the Tour, it was cool and it rained> I just wore shorts and my knee got sad at about 40 miles. Yesterday, it was cool, and all was great until things warmed up a bit and I took off my knee warmers at Cleburne State Park. After that it took 10-15 miles for the pain to set in.

I'm thinking that getting my bike fit checked and getting in the habit of wearing knee warmers for rides at under 70 degrees for over 20 miles might make all this less of a problem.

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