Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Roll-Aid Roll Call: Who's still in?

Answer up in the "Comments" section.



Who else? It's been quiet...

Also, if you want a brief blurb about you in the flyer, let me know and email me what info you want included. I recommend telling your name, what city you're from, your age, your occupation and a brief paragraph about why you're in on this and/or what you hope to accomplish with it.

I want pics, too - of your bikes, or your mugs.

Those of you who are promoting this effort with businesses, this flyer is to give you an air of legitimacy, and something to post around to drum up support.

Also: who would be willing and able to leave on Saturday the 9th? Would you prefer that, or the 10th?


Tate said...

Dad and I are still in

Truman said...

Excellent - will you get me your information for the flyer?

barlows said...

Definitely still in. I talked with Ray last week and he's also still in. I'll see if I can find a pic of me and the bike, and shoot you an email with the rest of the stuff.

No issue with leaving Saturday for me. Better to have extra time than not enough.

c_m_shooter said...

I'm still in.