Friday, January 11, 2008

The quest for panniers - a continuning saga

I mentioned before that I'm looking for some good quality panniers to take on this and future trips. Still am. Sound off if you hear of any.

I'll definitely be looking at this Swap Meet to see if any turn up.

My knee's still complaining about Sunday's ride. I stayed off it all week , but took a quick spin last night. I won't call what it did "hurting", more like "bothering", but it felt like any hammering with the left leg would change that description pretty quickly. I'll try again on Sunday and see what's up.


barlows said...

Yeah, I'm still plagued by some nagging knee pains too. It seems like in the cold I really have to pay attention to keeping my cadence up. Here's to hoping you heal up.

On the panniers front, I picked up a set of cheapos from Performance in their bargain bin, $35 for both. They're small, but I figured I'd start out cheap to figure out what I really want them to do before I get any good ones.

Truman said...

I had a small set of Performance ones. I sold them with my old Miyata, because they didn't sit well on the Cannondale. My problem with them was that the retention system was chintzy - okay for commuting, no so much for a heavy load.

barlows said...

I agree on their retention system. It doesn't seem all that great. That said, I didn't have any problems with it this weekend. One thing I did to make it a little more secure was to replace the bottom hooks with carabiners (tip I saw on bikeforums somewhere). I didn't use them with the hook, so I can't say if it's better or worse this way.