Thursday, December 27, 2007

Riding much, guys?

Due to the holidays, and my need to finish a long, drawn-out bathroom remodel, I haven't been on a bike very much of late. Finished the bathroom on Christmas Day - only a couple hours before the whole family showed up to view my work - so that' s out of the way.

I brought my singlespeed MTB to work with me in hopes of getting a night ride in at Sansom Park after work.

Pretty cold though... we'll see if I can find anyone to ride with me.

In search of... Luggage?

Yeah, so I'm looking for a set of panniers, front and rear, to carry stuff for the Ft Worth to Corpus Christi ride in March. I had a very small set for commuting that I sold with the Miyata commuter, because they fit poorly on my 'new' T1000 tour bike, and didn't carry what I needed to work.

If you have some better-quality panniers to get rid of, whistle me up and set a price... I don't expect this ride to be the only time I'll use them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baby's 1st blog...

Here's the preliminary route we're considering for the ride to San Antonio. It is of course WIDE open to corrections and reworking up till... well, pretty much till we get to Alamo City.

Ft. Worth to San Antonio (from Mapmyride)

Feel free to offer any insights, or if you know someone with local knowledge who might want to join up or act as a ground guide...

Some amazing videos from the Wounded Warrior Project