Thursday, July 3, 2008

Roll Aid 2009 - Route planning.

Anyone got big ideas for the next tour? I'm thinking about starting the '09 ride from East of 35, maybe out by Cedar Hill, and rolling South, around Waco to Temple, skirting East of Austin, to San Marcos, New Braunfels and entering San Antonio from the East. Seems like there'd be a lot of good exposure, slightly better wind, fewer hills and different scenery. If we pick up a rider like Charlie, we can roll him up at Temple, I think.

Something roughly like this:

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barlows said...

Good idea to change things up. We were lucky last year, but there's no reason not to see some different sights.

I haven't looked real closely yet, but are there any VFWs along the way? Surely there are.

It might be worth checking this route against some rides on the Texas Permanents site to see if we can match some of those routes. They seem to be very well researched for low traffic, etc.

Good on you for taking the lead on this.

And did you say this route was entirely downhill? I thought I heard that somewhere...

peace said...

Hi ya Dudes!
It's exciting to see 2009 RollAid posts. Can you even believe it's time to consider thinking about it again? I have some VFW info on my desk and thought I'd throw my two cents in....the website has the locations/phone numbers of posts in Texas....are you thinking of arranging the trip to coincide with each Posts "steak night"?

David "Truman" Hill said...

Mmmmmm, steak night...

Steve-O, you wanna take the lead in route research? Permanents or otherwise - if there's local intel, I'm there.

I dunno it there exists a VFW post map, but it might bear a little research. Or maybe a Google app or mashup to pinpoint locations by addresses.

Lari, are you bringing riders to SA with you from points West?

For the record, I got a huge rookie mark this morning - on the outside of my *left* calf - bringing the Pig through the door to my office.

barlows said...

Hey Lari, how ya been? Steak night sounds good to me!! I'll have a look at the link you left and see if we can coordinate with those folks. Worst case, maybe we can print out some fliers and leave a handful at each of the locations that we ride by.

Dave, I'll see if anything pans out to reuse existing permanents along that route. You gotta promise that we follow the Garmin to avoid any accidental centuries though... ;^)

Haha, you're king rookie!! At least for the moment....

peace said...

Oh, how I have missed you guys!!!!
Looking at a map, Cedar Hill is at the top and San Antonio is at the bottom so that means downhill...weeeeeee.

Once a route is planned, I sure would love to participate in contacting VFW's, Legion's, etc en route to get support as you drift through their communities. I think leaving info as we go by is good, but alerting them ahead of time would be better. I'd be up for that assignment.
I need to get firm dates in my brain and start yakking this up. I even have their wierd private thought (now posted on the www) that I might hitch a ride to Point A and tag along (draft downhill) with DFW riders to SA and points beyond. I might be up for that. I'd definately arrange SAG as I am not carrying gear or sleeping on the hard ground all of those nights.
and for the record...regarding the rookie are "ambidextrously rookied".
happy 4th !

ScubaLuke said...

WOW I am glad to see the planning is starting already. My knee is getting stronger as are my legs. Let me know if you need anything in the planing process


David "Truman" Hill said...

Let's see where the VFW's are and THEN plan the route - if we can stop and stir up some interest along the way, that's what we're here for.

Might be fun to check in at an elementary school somewhere, too. Lord knows we had plenty of spare time to do this stuff on the short ride days.

Tate said...

Looking forward to 2009, should be in better shape. The only comment I have is we had several WW's who were intrested, but all I spoe to said that for them camping was out due to wound care. As long as we can make arangments for them I'm up for any route. But lets do it early as I have "big" plans to ride sections ahead of time to prove them out and get good map and GPS's ready before hand.

peace said...

hey gang!
Glad to hear some warriors are interested in the ride. If you all handle getting a route planned/semi-planned...I'd be all over tracking down places to stay/meals/PR opps....
peace, Lari

barlows said...

Well, Dave and I did some riding and planning on Sunday. I think we made some progress. I hate to let the cat completely out of the bag, but the plans involve eating beans every night and seeing how far we can get without pedaling... :^)

peace said...

based on the most recent chatter on the post....I have suddenly decided to train well enough to be lead rider and pull this train downhill from DFW...I will not be drafting.

you guys are too funny.

David "Truman" Hill said...

Thus "Poot 'n' Scoot 2009" was launched. Sponsored by Bean-O®

This ride is gonna be a gas.