Monday, July 14, 2008

Hand cycle bumpers reach the WWP

After going through 3 round of "proto typing" I sent of 2 versions to Rick to test and try at the next ride July 23 in NYC.


David "Truman" Hill said...

Hey! Good work Tate. Will you have any left here in the DFW area?

Also please get me Rick's contact info - I have some questions for him..

barlows said...

Nicely done man. That should really help those guys out. How is it for the person doing the pushing?

ScubaLuke said...

Who is doing your metal fabrication? That look s sharp.

Tate said...

The initital fab was done by some freinds in a local fab shop who also MTB.

It pushes great even with knobbies, it rattles a little, but to keep it light it was the best we could come up with.