Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The bumpers are in

Thanks to one of the engineers who helped me design them I have 15 bumpers. 10 are going directly to the WWP, including however many Truman needs. 3 are going to Rise adventures, the local group who helped me with the testing. 2 are going to some folks who helped and inspired me to build them. I can get more built, and plan to pass the info on to Rick, I am waiting on a quote.

Truman let me know how ,any and when you need them!


David Hill said...


I need one. Steve willl probably need another, but he'll have to make that call. I'm not gonna keep waiting for the wide cranks to come in, next trip down to San Antonio, I'm taking the handbike to Brooke AMC.

Those look terrific, I can't wait to see it in action.

Damned nice job, Tate.

Tate said...

When ya want it? I can bring it over.

David Hill said...

You gonna be in Ft Worth in the next week or so?

Tate said...

Ye we come over a lot latley, my father in law is in the hospital just off Hulen about 3 miles south of 20. I'll give ya a call when we are heading that way. Probably Sat.

David Hill said...

Go ahead and call me, but I'm probably gonna be working.

Crdean1 said...

Tate, if you haven't already delivered it, I'll be at TI (PCS, Law Dept.) next Thursday around lunch, and I could meet you and bring it back to FW.