Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Roll Call

I have seen several folks on a couple of forums say they are "planning" on making it. What's your real feeling. I am 99%, the 1% is for unforeseen major issues.

I think dad is about 80%.

Where you at?


barlows said...

I'm glad you posted this. I thought I already had vacation cleared, but must have spaced it. Glad I got that cleared up.

I'm now 99%, like you. All cleared with all the bosses.

David Hill said...


.5% being if I decide not to come back from Italy, in April.

peace said...

New babies, Italy....wow, you guys have some kind of lives! Congrats to all.... and those who lead perfectly wonderful mundane lives too.

I'm 95% in for Austin to Corpus, but need more information (route, but mainly timeline) for DFW to Corpus.

Any progress on route?

By the way, I received a call on my cell the other day from Priscilla! She said to tell all hello and that she will have the brisket ready when we know our arrival time. Apparently, there was something in the paper about a group of cyclists heading into Beeville and she called angry with us that we hadn't called her. I gave her tentative dates, etc. and she was much relieved and very happy to know all is well with everyone.

David Hill said...

Having a solid route is my goal for this week.

The rest of you need to draw straws to see who gets (has) to spank me if I fail in this endeavor.