Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lunch Friday 17th - Weinberg's in Grapevine.

Say, 12, straight up?

I'm there, Steve & Tate, too. Anyone else? I called CR_Dean, but I don't have Cliff's digits. I emailed Luke.

Sorry for the short notice.


barlows said...

Yeah, 12 works for me. Hammer out a location and tell me where to be. I'll check it when I wake up.


Tate said...

IN I may be a few min delayed.

c_m_shooter said...

Sorry, I didn't make it. There hadn't been a decision when I left work, and then I accidentally slept in. It was all I could do to get two laps at Sansom before I had to be at work.

Crdean1 said...

Hey guys, I've been in Europe for a while. I leave Paris for home tomorrow and will plug in then. Hope you're doing well!