Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Steak Night at the VFW = Good Eating.

Last Saturday, the Barlows, the Montgomerys and the Hills headed out to the Benbrook VFW Post 10429 to try out the much-vaunted Steak Night fundraiser.

They stage this on the 1st and 3rd Saturday night, every month. True to form, none of us thought to commemorate the event with photography, so you'll simply have to take my word for it. I've attached a stock photo to set the mood...

The Barlows and we arrived simultaneously around 7, found beers at the bar and ordered up our meat. Cliff and Erica arrived later, after the the VFW had stopped serving (at 8 pm). I blame myself for not checking in with Cliff earlier. I imagine that had I called earlier, they might have made it in time to eat. As it was, the VFW was cleaning up when they got there so we eventually made our way to Pulido's #2 on US 377 for more beer and continued munching while the Montgomerys finally got their dinner.

Before that though, chow time at the VFW was a lot of fun, with a good-sized friendly crowd and very creditable food. For your $11 you get a solid 16 oz. ribeye cooked to order, a big ol' baked potato, rolls, salad, desert and iced tea. For a buck more, you can get sauteed shrooms and onions for your meat - I heartily recommend this tasty option.

All the usual fixings are there for your salad and spud, and they cook your meat to order, bring it to the table for you and clear your plates. Given that it tastes great and helps out a worthy cause, I'm gonna call Steak Night one of the best dinner deals in town.

Post Commander Jim Noble and Vice Commander Don Rogers spent plenty of time with us, asking about the Coast to the Coast, and Don's wife made it a point to tease Cliff till he blushed - took about 7.2 seconds.

I recommend that next time we plan a ride, we have at least one dinner meeting down at the VFW. DOn Rogers has asked me to put together a short program for an upcoming VFW meeting to share the experiences from the Coast to the Coast with the membership at large, so I'll be working on that. More as it develops.

For the record, a gas-drilling operation will have the place closed down for 120 days in the near future. Be sure to call before going out there to eat, to make sure they're open for business.


Crdean1 said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time. I look forward to joining you on a Steak Night sometime soon.

I had a Saturday night Steak Night, although it was a much smaller Filet at a wedding reception. I'm a little jealous.

On another note, my cousin Scott just landed in Afghanistan for his second tour (first was in Iraq for 7 months last year). Plese keep him in your prayers as he has a new bride that will be on edge for the next 7 or so months.

His brother, my other cousin, just received a letter that he may be called up (he just finished his 4 years in the Marines last year).

I continue to believe in the WWP, the role of the VFW, and those that serve day in and day out to protect us and our families.

Tate said...

I still plan to head out there May 3rd if anyone wants to make it for a 1st or second time.

David "Truman" Hill said...

If I'm in town, I may make it out for the next one.

Ryan, I'll keep a good thought for your cousins...