Thursday, December 27, 2007

Riding much, guys?

Due to the holidays, and my need to finish a long, drawn-out bathroom remodel, I haven't been on a bike very much of late. Finished the bathroom on Christmas Day - only a couple hours before the whole family showed up to view my work - so that' s out of the way.

I brought my singlespeed MTB to work with me in hopes of getting a night ride in at Sansom Park after work.

Pretty cold though... we'll see if I can find anyone to ride with me.


Anonymous said...

Are you one of the riders who is going to link up with us in San Antonio in March?

Woody Groton
Wounded Warrior Project
Soldier Ride Director

Truman said...

Hi Woody. Yep, I'm David, we've corresponded via email and phone. How'd you find your way here?

Anonymous said...

Google Alerts!

Keep me posted on your ride. We're putting together a great event for San Antonio to Corpus.

And thank you so much for your support!

Happy New Year!

Truman said...

Back at you, Buddy. The group's at 8-9 people now, with at least one more joining up in San Antonio.

Please let us all know as the details for your ride are nailed down.